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PD ALERT! Foundations for Effective Teaching

Foundations of Effective Teaching. FREE FOR MEMBERS.

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Foundations of Effective Teaching is a blended-model professional learning opportunity designed to inspire and support educators in becoming reflective practitioners while meeting the highest expectations of the profession. Part 1 of this course consists of three modules: Transforming Your Teacher Identity, Creating Class Community, and Facilitating the Learning Environment. These elements combined promote a climate and culture where teacher and student identities are celebrated and affirmed; social emotional learning is intentionally planned for and integrated into the classroom ethos; and student agency is supported through thoughtful and equitable classroom management systems developed to provide the necessary structure and autonomy to help all students thrive. Part 2 of the course consists of four modules: Engaging Every Learner, Principles of Instruction, Feedback for Deeper Learning and Maximizing Student Learning Time. These research-based concepts help the practitioner to develop a student centered classroom environment. The focus is on how educators can use strategies to create opportunities for individuals to be successful and reach their full potential.

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