Greetings from DCF President Kevin DiPasquale

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The beginning of a new school year is such an exciting time. In my 25 years as an educator this special time of year has always served as a source of positive energy - the anticipation of meeting new and familiar faces, employing fun new strategies in the classroom, the opportunity to spend another year supporting the future leaders of this world. This is the first "normal" start to a school year in a while and I would be remiss to ignore the challenges we have faced throughout the pandemic, but know we have the best interests of our students at heart. 


Douglas County Federation(DCF) is excited to welcome the new staff to Douglas County Schools. On August 1, DCF attended New Teacher Orientation and taught the intro to the research-based Foundations of Effective Teaching class to over 120 new teachers at Rock Canyon High School. Starting the school year off with effective teaching and management strategies is one way to support students and staff. We all want students to be in the best learning environment possible and DCF has the research-based classes and national trainers to make this happen. 


Students deserve to be met at their level of academic and developmental needs and DCF has the resources to ensure this can happen - as we believe students should be supported with content and instruction to facilitate growth. As a advocate of public education in Douglas County for over 50 years, DCF understands the hard work it takes to educate students, work with each other, and the community for the success of our public schools. 


DCF supports funding initiatives for students and staff. We support putting Initiative 63 on the ballot for voters to choose to support public education in Douglas County without raising taxes. This is a win/win for our students, staff, and community. Additionally, DCF supports providing additional funding locally through a mill levy and bond measure. We continue to encourage the elected leaders in Douglas County to support both measures, because our students are worth it.