Greetings from DCF President Kevin DiPasquale!

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Fresh out of the classroom, with over 25 years of teaching experience, gives me a fresh perspective to lead Douglas County Federation. I am excited for staff and students to be back to school - in person.  We know that making connections with others makes the school experience better for everyone involved; especially students. Our lived experience gives us a perspective to understand others and continuously strive for improving educational opportunities for staff and students alike. This past school year highlighted the need for a reset of what is important in education.  When you are focussed on students, other concerns melt away for a short while, asserting the appreciation of why we got into this game. We will continue to strive to give the best education possible for our students.


The constant change of this past year was unlike any other time in my career. The pandemic highlighted the need to support one another, in classrooms, with students, and families alike. Through schedule changes and quarantines, sometimes multiple times each week, we adapted and enabled the school day to progress. We navigated different technologies, instructional practices, and changes in learning environments. I never thought I would teach from home or be all by myself in my classroom projecting to students at home. We knew before the pandemic the importance of making connections with students, however, the pandemic removed without doubt the importance of being able to teach and make connections with students in person.  


Collectively, staff worked to make this past year the best it could be, whether we were teaching in a hybrid model, teaching from home-online in a quarantine, or asynchronously. DCF was there to support all staff and students. The support of my teammates was priceless, and I am hopeful you have the support of the professionals around you on a daily basis as well.


We will persevere through this difficult phase in education. The pandemic is not over, we continue to adapt, and acknowledge there is more challenging work to address as the new school year unfolds.