Positive and Supportive Culture

The third strategic theme in the Douglas County School District Strategic Plan Framework is Positive and Supportive School Culture. The objectives of this theme are to “define and implement a high-performing working environment for all DCSD employees,” “enhance engagement for all DCSD employees through mutual respect and positive recognition,” and “enhance opportunities for all employees to be DCSD ambassadors who are informed and empowered in their professional practice.”

Post Graduation Guidance and Preparation

Douglas County School District (DCSD) has committed to “increase stakeholder awareness of all post-graduate opportunities” and “enhance and increase sustainable, quality educational pathway opportunities for all students.” Post-graduation guidance and preparation have become increasingly important as the changing labor market requires more than just high-quality instruction.

Leyba: Beware of Sheep's Clothing this time of year

As many of you are aware, three of DCSD's seven school board seats are up for election on November 5th. Like previous school board elections, all the candidates are making promises and portraying themselves as defenders of public education, committed to our students, friends of the teachers and staff, unwavering supporters of our community.


But this year, unlike a number of previous school board elections, determining who is truly committed to the success of our schools and who is only saying things to win votes is less clear.